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Email Signatures

Turn the end of every email into a new opportunity

£1.50 per month per user (FREE with Tier 2 & 3 Support Plans)

Company-wide email signatures, legal disclaimers, branding & more on all email apps and devices. 

Professional email signature management made easy.

How can we help?

Anyone who has been involved with applying an organization-wide policy for email signatures knows it can be frustrating at times. With Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud from Cranberry, you can create professional email signature templates, ensure brand consistency, and maintain legal compliance with ease.

  • Drag-and-drop signature designer
    Design professional email signature templates with a simple-to-use tool that can be used by anyone regardless of IT skill. Drag elements into your design and preview it as you go.

  • Intuitive email signature configuration
    Use settings to establish the behaviour for your email signatures to enforce your strategy. Assign specific signatures to teams and departments and utilize advanced options.

  • Consistent organisation-wide email signatures
    Deploy email signatures as you see fit. Cover all email clients and devices that you need to - including mobiles. Never worry about an unbranded, non-complaint email ever again.

  • Control access and ownership
    Grant access privileges to multiple employees and assign admin or editor rights. Limit access and add folder security. Ensure only the right people deal with email signature management.
  • Deliver consistent email signatures
    Crate templates using drag-and-drop design tool that requires no HTML skills. Easily deploy your designs on every message you send - and deliver consistent email signatures.

  • Enhance your campaigns
    Incorporate new ways to capture the attention of your email recipients. Schedule multiple promotional banners to run a variety of campaigns simultaneously.

  • Monitor your email signature strategy
    Assess the effectiveness of your email signatures with analytics dashboards. Review usage statistics and important engagement metrics such as impressions and click-throughs.

  • Simplify user detail management
    Add new fields to email signatures such as gender pronouns and working hours. Make it possible for users to maintain the accuracy of their contact information.

Exclaimer are the industry leaders in email signature software, giving you complete control, and ensuring you always show your brand and business at its best. Whether you work with Microsoft 365, Google Workspace or Exchange, we can re-energise your sign off.

Email Signatures for Office 365 & Google, lets you manage email signatures, legal disclaimers, automatic replies and marketing campaigns for all users in your organisation. It’s a cloud service that works with all email apps and devices, including Windows, Mac, mobiles and tablets. 

Why Cranberry?

We get it, choosing providers is hard and there’s lots of companies and providers offering so many solutions. At Cranberry we’ve been in the industry for over 20 years so we get how hard it can be. We think we have the perfect mix of value, experience and UK support to make sure your systems work as you need them too.

UK Support

Whilst our systems have industry leading uptime sometimes things can go wrong! That’s where we come into our own, by default we offer 1, 2, 4 & 8-hour response times depending on the severity of your issue. However, we also offer immediate support for any major incidents, where we have anaverage response time of 15 minutes.

Cranberry Customers

We’ve enjoyed working with Cranberry over the years on various phone systems and have always found them to be really helpful, quick in their responses and very capable when answering even the most obscure questions. When the pandemic arrived, it was clear we had to make a 180-degree turn and head towards a cloud contact centre solution much sooner than we had expected. We definitely consider Cranberry to be an extended part of our team and would happily recommend them to anyone

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